Private label

You need a product that you cannot produce yourself. Due to practical circumstances, such as a lack of permits, you are forced to outsource your production. Or you are looking for a partner who can quickly provide you with a specific product. There are plenty of reasons why contract manufacturing may be of interest to you.


Years of expertise

Thanks to our many years of experience, we specialise in repackaging and cost-effective toll manufacturing for chemical applications. From fully finished products under our private label to semi-finished products that you use in your own production process: at ACB Group you always find a solution for your specific needs.

Production, quality control, packaging and shipping

You can outsource your production process entirely to ACB Group; from the moment the raw materials are purchased to a fully finished product with your own label. You can also carry out certain tasks yourself. For example, you can supply the raw materials yourself. Finally, in consultation with you, we determine the packaging, layout of the label, transport options and quality control.

Are you looking for an expert in contract or toll manufacturing to outsource your production?