Manufacturer and supplier of road markings and coatings

As a family business, ACB Group has specialised in the research, production and delivery of customised interior and exterior markings and coatings since 1990. It is our ambition to offer our customers top quality. That is why we focus on innovation, customisation and sustainable, ecologically-responsible production processes.

ACB Group is a market leader in Belgium for road marking products and an internationally-renowned player within the sector. We owe this position to our high-quality products and service, our constant pursuit of perfection and our strategic location.

We customise our coatings to suit a wide range of sectors. Together with our customers, we look for solutions in a wide range of technologies: UV, PU, epoxy, etc.

Our third speciality is toll manufacturing. For our customers, we produce semi-finished or finished products with great flexibility and quality.

Working with a specialised partner

ACB Group strives to provide an optimum service. This is why we work closely with the WJ Group, the largest road markings provider in the UK. Thanks to this partnership, ACB Group is the only Belgian manufacturer of pre-formed thermoplastics for road markings. We share our expertise and virtually offer our customers the full range of marking products.


Strong in contract manufacturing

ACB Group’s innovative production lines lend themselves perfectly to contract manufacturing. ACB Group offers its customers the opportunity to outsource their production process when they do not have the right systems, permits or required capacity. Thanks to our highly-trained employees, strict quality standards and automated production processes that comply with all regulations, ACB Group is a reliable partner for contract and toll manufacturing.



ACB Group’s production processes meet the strictest environmental and safety requirements. We are ISO 14001-certified for environmental management systems. Our products are manufactured with respect for the environment and the surroundings. ACB Group is ISO 9001-certified for quality management. Our procedures are constantly being improved to serve our customers even better.

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality road paint and coatings? Or are you looking for a partner in contract manufacturing?