Customised road markings increase safety and efficiency

Road markings increase the safety of road users and the quality of road infrastructure. A lack of clear exterior line-markings causes accidents, chaos and inefficiency. External line-markings also serve as a tool to put a traffic plan into practice.

Quality assurance

Our paints and thermoplastics are suitable for all outdoor applications: roads, parking spaces, cycling paths, etc. Good line-markings must be clear, safe, logical and clearly visible. That’s why we develop our paints, cold plastics and thermoplastics in our factory in Lummen to meet high quality standards. Driven by our own R&D department, we have already obtained numerous certificates: Benor, BBA, Bast, NF, etc.

Road marking paint  

  • 1-component road marking paint based on acrylate – a solvent or water-borne paint for spraying or manual application.
  • ACB has developed different types, applicable in different climate zones and with different machines.

Thermoplastic solutions

  • These products are heated and melted onto the road surface. Melting is done in a boiler on site or by melting the pre-formed thermoplastic directly.
  • ACB sells various products depending on the method in which they are applied and their use.

Are you looking for high-quality paints, coatings, cold plastics or thermoplastics for any outdoor application?