Designer Manon Lambeens realizes urban design project "tunneltaal" with Liparoad P6005 

Designer Manon Lambeens created a light tunnel with messages that connect residents and passers-by for a social design project. With the message “A tunnel is an organic thing, a wild thing, with which we enter into a dialogue”, Lambeens had residents, students of the Montfort College, local residents and youth movements work together with the aim of upgrading the bicycle tunnel as an urban design project.

“By involving young people in particular in difficult corona times, we increase the sense of community within the municipality of Rotselaar and we place concepts such as youth culture, ecology and mobility further in the spotlight with 'Tunneltaal',” says alderman of culture Patrick Vervoort.

To achieve this result, Lambeens and her team used Liparoad P6005 (glow in the dark), a 2-component cold plastic in which phosphorizing granules are processed, so that it absorbs energy during the day and releases energy in the evening (for 6 hours).

View the photos (© Benina Hu) on this page or discover more about the Tunneltaal project on Instagram

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