Topmark: safety markings in pre-formed thermoplastics

Whether it’s give-way road-markings, speed limits or other road symbols, our full range of horizontally pre-formed safety markings is durable and of top quality. They also make roads and school environments safer and more user-friendly.


ACB Topmark

Technical data sheets - products

Topmark 13 (EN)

Reflective preformed thermoplastic

Standard = white . Other colors on request.

Easy to use

We like to make things easy for you. That is why we supply Topmark with instructions and in handy packaging so that you can easily apply it to the most diverse of surfaces.

Complex custom designs

Thanks to our innovative production lines, we can also develop complex custom designs in Topmark thermoplastics. You provide us with a photo or drawing and we deliver the appropriate Topmark thermoplastic quickly and according to your wishes.

Are you looking for user-friendly, colour-fast and wear-resistant thermoplastics to make school environments or roads safer?