Tile coating: Lipaguard

Our Lipaguard range consists of protective coatings for concrete tiles, concrete pavers or porous natural stone. It is a unique range of products in the water-based impregnation coatings segment. The coatings can be applied to the customer’s production line. They have a natural look, protect against the formation of salt crystals and act as a water repellent.

A thin layer is sufficient for long-term protection. The Lipaguard range is designed to significantly improve the life and quality of cement-bound products for outdoor applications.


  • Simple application in the production line
  • Reduction of capillary water intake
  • Good penetration in cement-bound substrates
  • Reduction of dirt intake
  • Reduced algae, mould and surface vegetation formation
  • Better colour stability
  • Water-based
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Natural look (satin or matt)



ACB sells its tile coatings worldwide and has a great track record with many cement-based product suppliers because it takes into account different production processes, formulations and climatic conditions. The Lipaguard coatings are e.g. highly resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, and offer good resistance to high temperatures and high humidity.



The application on a substrate occurs at the production line of the customer. The coating is applied to the substrate before the cement reaction finishes. The coating is sprayed as 1 layer (±50 g/m²) or 2 layers (25-30 g/m²) on bricks between 25 °C and 30 °C. Only a thin layer is needed for the desired result. After the evaporation of the water (±45 min.) the bricks pass through a 70-80 °C oven. This final step can also be done with IR lamps.

Looking for protective tile coatings with a natural look?